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Am I Suffering From Depression?

We all feel sad or “blue” at different times of our lives but if this sadness lasts for two week or more and other symptoms are present such as those listed below, it’s time to seek help. Low energy Loss of pleasure or interest doing things that normally give me pleasure Change in eating or…

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Relationship 102

When you are listening to someone you care about, do you observe their body language? This can be a clue to what they might actually be trying to communicate. An example of this is when you ask your partner, “What;’s wrong?” and they say “Nothing.” Usually it’s obvious that there definitely is something wrong. Their…

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Relationship 101

How are your communication skills? When someone, your partner for instance, is telling you something, are you really listening to what they are saying or are you thinking about how you are going to respond to them? Most of us are guilty of this more times than not! […] The trick is to listen with…

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Mental Health Concerns Affect One in Five Americans

Country music star Chris Stapleton might seem like an unusual agent of culture change but anyone who has listened to the Grammy Award winning album Traveller knows that this singer/song writer has an amazing gift. Through his evocative lyrics and poignant melodies, he captures the pain and suffering we all experience. With the support of…

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson Sometimes life can be overwhelming but it is our reaction to life that often affects our mental state. Many of us tend to compensate for high stress levels by overreacting, overeating or even self-medicating.  These actions…

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